Denis and Jamie

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Denis Skala finishes his outdoor workout, and on his way home, he runs into Jamie Owens, a cute young man he met recently at a party. The two of them head back to Denis' apartment so Denis can change clothes; but the situation turns steamy when Denis pulls down his shorts. Denis' uncut cock is rock hard and standing straight up. The moment Denis offers it to Jamie he swallows the entire shaft until his face is buried in Denis' crotch. Denis rolls Jamie over on the bed, exposing Jamie's sweet furry hole. He shoves his tongue deep into Jamie's ass getting it primed for his dick. Sliding up next to Jamie, Denis pushes his thick piece of meat all the way up Jamie's ass and the pounding begins. Jamie is soon on top and Denis is thrusting furiously from below. Jamie's long, hard cock bounces from side to side with each of Denis' thrusts. Denis rolls Jamie over on the bed and continues the ass-fucking until he can't hold back any longer. He pulls out and dumps a thick load of creamy jizz all over Jamie's hole. Jamie grabs his own cock and begins stroking it hard and fast while Denis licks at the base of his cock and balls. Jamie's nuts all but disappear and his breathing deepens. He squirts his cum all over his abs and Denis wastes no time leaning over to lick up some of the creamy mess.