Den and Milo

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Den Fitness is napping on the sofa when Milo Zayd walks in and spies a huge bulge in Den’s jeans. Milo unbuttons Den’s fly, opens his jeans and pulls his underwear back revealing Den’s rock-hard uncut cock. Den opens his eyes to Milo about to go down on his cock and he smiles as he puts his hand on Milo’s neck directing Milo’s mouth as he deep-throats Den’s thick piece of meat. The two strip out of their clothes and with Milo on his knees in front of Den’s cock, Milo gets back to work eagerly servicing Den. Den has Milo lay back on the sofa and as Milo spreads his legs wide, Den gets to work blowing Milo’s dick. Den starts jacking Milo’s cock with one hand and teasing Milo’s asshole with the other. Milo leans over the sofa offering his hole to Den. Den dives in face first burying his tongue deep into Milo’s sweet tight ass. It’s all about priming Milo’s hole, working his tongue in and out, getting him ready for a good fucking. Den stands up behind Milo and slowly pushes his thick cock-head past Milos ring-of -fire. It doesn’t take Milo long to start enjoying the fucking he’s receiving so Den picks up the pace. Nothing like seeing Milo’s rock-hard cock swinging back and forth with each stroke of Den’s cock going in and out of his ass. Milo lays back on the sofa with his legs in the air. Den kneels down and continues the ass-pounding he was giving Milo except this time Milo is able to enjoy jerking his cock at the same time. They switch positions with Den sitting down on the sofa. Milo climbs on top and drops his ass straight down on Den’s engorged penis. Milo starts bouncing up and down feverishly, forcing Den’s cock deeper and deeper into his hole. Milo’s balls all but disappear as he loses his load, squirting creamy white jizz all over his crotch. Den pulls out and Milo kneels in front of him and Den manages to fill Milo’s mouth with a load of thick, juicy cum. Of course, Milo’s there to clean up any left-overs from Den’s pulsing cock.