Dominic and Jacob

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Today, Badpuppy brings you two delicious twinks, Dominic Easton and Jacob Dolce. We start with Jacob sitting on the couch, bored and looking for something to watch on TV. Dominic walks in and sits down next to Jacob, and immediately reaches into his own shorts to start massaging his cock and balls. He is not interested in watching TV; he takes the remote away from Jacob, and places Jacob's hand inside his sweatpants to feel his growing manhood. I think our duo has found something better to do than watching reruns. They begin kissing, as they remove each other's shirts. Dominic then removes his sweatpants and underwear, revealing a thick, uncut piece of meat. Jacob reaches over, grabs hold of Dominic's cock, and begins sucking on it. Jacob works on it for a few minutes, then Dominic pushes him away so that he can remove Jacob's pants to get access to what's been straining to be released. As soon as Jacob's cock is free, Dominic grabs hold of it and returns the blowjob. Our studs get up and reposition themselves on the couch, laying on their sides with Dominic behind Jacob. Jacob lifts his leg to give Dominic better access, and Dominic guides his cock into Jacob's tight hole. They fuck like this for a while, then they move around for a better angle with Dominic sitting back on the couch, guiding Jacob to sit down on his rock-hard tube steak. Jacob begins bouncing up and down on Dominic's rod, and you can tell they are getting into it as Dominic's balls are getting plump with cum, and Jacob's cock is growing harder and harder as he enjoys the ride. Finally, they reposition one more time with Jacob laying back on the couch with legs spread wide, as Dominic kneels in place and enters Jacob's fully primed hole once again. Dominic starts fucking Jacob hard and fast, as Jacob jerks off. Jacob can't take any more of this, and starts spewing hot cum all over his stomach. This puts Dominic over the edge, as he quickly pulls out and spews his own load all over Jacob's chest and abs. They share a kiss, as Dominic grabs hold of both of their still stiff cocks to milk out every last bit of cum. This is where our scene fades to black, but I'm quite sure that our young studs are only getting started.