Dominic and Kody

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Remastered Original with Dominic Pacifico and Kody Valintine: Dominic and Kody just finished up some sparring at the gym. They begin to kiss, removing each other's shirts. Kody drops to his knees to expose an already huge cock, licking and sucking him off. The roles are then reversed, giving Dominic the same pleasure. Kody is now bent over the bench, while Dominic begins licking and munching his ass. Dominic straps on a condom and Kody receives a good hard fuck. Dominic sits back and Kody rides him like the stallion he is. The scene finishes with some hard ass slapping thrusts, until Kody blows his load all over both of them. Dominic removes the condom and jerks his throbbing cock till it burst all over Kody, ending the real work out of their day!