Jaison and Liam

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Jaison Moon is just getting things set up for his next massage as Liam Like walks in. Liam drops his shorts and removes his shirt, revealing a smooth and tight torso with chiseled abs and beautiful pecs. Jaison has Liam lay face down on the table, and goes to work on Liam's tight shoulders and neck. Jaison removes his own shirt to get more comfortable, and then he removes Liam's underwear to get ready for a full body rub-down. Jaison pours some oil on Liam's back and ass, and begins rubbing it in; paying special attention to Liam's plump ass-cheeks. Jaison adds some more oil and rubs it into Liam's crack, and Liam lets out a soft moan as Jaison brushes a few fingers across his sensitive hole. Liam's thick, uncut cock is getting hard, and pointing straight down between his legs. Jaison continues to tease Liam's tight, puckered hole, before reaching down to rub and tug on Liam's rigid pole for a bit. Jaison then focuses on Liam's feet, caressing every toe. Jaison has Liam roll over, and massages Liam's muscular pecs and shoulders. Jaison moves down to massage Liam's lower torso, brushing against Liam's hardening cock with every move. Jaison finally grabs hold of Liam's balls, massaging oil all over the huge orbs. He then turns his attention to Liam's thick sausage, rolling the foreskin back and forth over the glistening head, while teasing the piss-slit with his thumb. Liam's breathing is getting deeper, and he tightly grips the sides of the massage table as his body starts writhing under Jaison's intensifying hand-job. Without warning, Liam's cock erupts with several spurts of hot cum, which mixes in with the oil as Jaison continues to stroke up and down. Jaison squeezes out every last drop, and rubs the white cream into Liam's abs. Liam lets out a satisfied sigh, and our sexy twinks look at each other in a way that makes me think that the action isn't quite over with.