Jaison massages Red

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Hunky Red Fox is looking for a little stress relief and Jaison Moon is ready to help him out. Jaison has just finished setting up his massage table when Red walks in. Red takes off his shirt and sits on the edge of the table. Jaison begins by rubbing Red's shoulders and neck, gently working his fingers deep into Red's muscles. Red stands, strips down to his underwear and lays down face first. Jaison continues the massage, working his way down Red's back pausing long enough to help Red slip out of his underwear. Jaison applies oil to Red's bubble butt and as he continues massaging, his oily fingers find their way into Red's tight, furry hole. Jaison slowly works his way down each of Red's muscular legs before asking Red to roll over on the table. Obviously enjoying his rub down, Red's uncut cock is rock hard with the tip of his cock poking out from his foreskin. Jaison works his way down Red's muscular chest, his hands brush up against Red's cock causing it to pulse up and down due to Red being just a little hyper stimulated. Jaison applies some oil to Red's dick and taking it into both hands he slowly strokes with one hand and teases Red's cockhead with the other. Red begins breathing deeper as Jaison continues stroking his cock and tweaking his nipples at the same time. Jaison begins fondling Red's very tight balls as he increases his stroking speed. Red can't hold back any longer. As he clinches his fist and bares his teeth his whole body goes rigid just as his cock begins squirting loads of thick creamy jizz all over his tummy. As his body goes limp with a satisfied relief Red looks up and gives Jaison a great big smile.