James Bennett

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26-year-old James Bennett hails from London and identifies as a very sexualized person. James has only been in the adult industry for 3 months; but, when he jumped in, he did so with both feet. Not only does he do adult videos; but, he works in a gay store and online as a webcam performer. After the interview James lays back on the sofa and strips off his shirt. He has a lean, tight body and a smile that will knock your socks off. His cock is so stiff that it completely fills out his underwear. He stands up, pulls down his shorts and the hardest, longest cock I’ve seen in a while pops straight up. James wastes no time grabbing it and immediately starts jacking his big piece of meat. He kneels onto the sofa and bends over, exposing his ass to the camera. James fingers his hole for a few minutes; but, is all about getting off. He sits back on the sofa and with one hand cradling his nuts, the other starts jacking his dick harder and faster. As he gets close to blowing his load, he spins around on the sofa and puts his feet up on the wall. With him effectively upside down now when he shoots, his cum goes flying all the way down his torso and chest; coating him in a healthy dose of creamy jizz.