Johnny Hunter At Home

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Johnny Hunter returns with a new toy he wants to show off. He got his hands on a remote-controlled prostate stimulator and is eager to try it out. Johnny lays back on the bed and he's already sporting quite the bulge in his shorts. He strips off his shirt and starts tweaking his nipples before reaching down and slipping out of his shorts. His cock is rock-hard as he rubs it thru his underwear. He pulls them down and his dick pops straight up, ready for attention. He grabs his cock and starts jacking it with one hand while pulling at his balls with the other. Johnny slips out of his underwear, pulls his legs back and begins fingering his asshole. He leans over for a squirt of lube and applies a healthy amount to his dick before lubricating his hole. He grabs his new toy and slowly slides it up his ass while continuing to jack his dick. The moment he turns on the anal stimulator Johnny starts moaning. His toes curl back in pleasure as his prostate and cock get a whole new kind of workout. He turns up the speed on the stimulator and Johnny jerks his cock even faster. He starts moaning louder and his body goes rigid as huge amounts of creamy white cum go shooting all over his ripped chest and stomach. After that kind of intense workout, I bet Johnny's gonna sleep good tonight.