Martin Hovor

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Martin Hovor strips off his shirt; his arms, pecs and abs are ripped and toned. He slides down his pants; his cock is rock hard in his underwear and straining to be free. As Martin lays back on the sofa he slowly slides his shorts to the floor. He grabs his rock-hard dick and begins stroking it while he massages his balls with his free hand. Martin continues working his meat when he stands up, spreading his ass wide for the camera like he’s waiting for someone to bury their face and tongue right up his hole. Settling back on the sofa, Martin gets down to the serious business of working his thick, uncut cock. He moans with pleasure as he licks his curled-up bicep. His stroking action becomes faster and more intense. His balls tighten up next to his shaft as he gets close to releasing his load. Lifting his legs, Martin plays with his hole with one finger while he continues stroking with the other hand. He spreads his legs one final time and Martin lets loose a load of cum which oozes down his cock and onto his tummy.