Max and Brent

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From the beginning of the interview Max Duro & Brent Taylor kept rubbing all over each other. As the interview continues you notice the bulge in Max’s shorts growing ever larger. They are soon kissing and Brent starts rubbing on Max’s crotch. He frees Max’s dick from the confines of his underwear and starts licking and sucking Max’s huge piece of meat. It’s not long before Brent is gagging on Max’s cock; but, enjoying every gasping moment of it. Our two hot studs slowly strip off their clothes and Brent continues working Max’s thick, uncut cock. Max pushes Brent back on the sofa and begins returning the favor of sucking his cock. After a little face fucking Max spins Brent around on the sofa and begins sucking on his ass. He shoves his tongue as far as he can make it reach, priming Brent’s ass for his thick dick. With Brent’s hole ready for his cock, Max slowly pushes it in. As Brent gets used to Max’s thickness Max picks up the pace and is soon pounding away at Brent’s tight ass. Max rolls over on his back and Brent mounts his cock and begins riding it up and down; jerking his dick with every bounce. Max ultimately pushes Brent into the corner of the couch where he throws back Brent’s legs, shoves his cock in and continues fucking the shit out of Brent’s hole. Brent continues jacking his cock during his ass-fucking and in no time at all he can’t hold back and begins blowing thick juicy globs of cum all over himself. Max pulls out, grabs his cock and just as he starts jacking he loses it and sprays jizz all over Brent, completely covering his chest and stomach.