Max and Karol

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Bonus scene with Max Gen and Karol Gajda: It was the last day of school, and the coach told us to clean out our lockers. I went to the locker room and started cleaning out the bottom of my locker after neglecting it all year. That's when my teammate Max pulled down my shorts and started eating my ass. I never thought this would be happening, no matter how often I've fantasized about it, but here we were. Max then lifted me off my knees so I could remove my shorts. We started kissing, and then I moved down to his hard dick. It wasn't the first cock I've sucked, but it was the biggest, next to my stepdad's. I made sure to work his head and could hear him moaning. It didn't take long until my cock was in his mouth and then his dick in my hole. He fucked me raw against the locker, then on the bench before feeding me his load. I shot as his cum dripped into my mouth. I can't wait till next season.