Max and James

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Max Fonda needed a sex fix so he called his friend James Font who showed up shortly after his ball game. Max met James at the door; dragged him to the sofa and in between sucking the tongues out of each other’s mouths they slowly undress each other. Max is the first to suck down every single inch of James’ thick cock. Of course you’d think Max’s cock is thick until James pulls his out and you see it rock hard. This thing is THICK and James has no problem fitting it in his mouth width or depth wise. James enjoys Max’s tongue as he bends over the sofa so that Max can get his ass warmed up for his dick. Max drives his cock into James’ asshole and Max goes to fucking the shit out of him. Our two young studs go at it hard and fast until James switches it up, crawls in behind Max and buries his cock in Max’s hole. With James’ cock pumping hard, Max jerks his cock; squirting cum all over his stomach and sofa. James pulls out of Max’s ass and spews a thick load of jizz all over Max’s balls.