Tommy Poulain

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We met our next young cutie, Tommy Poulain, while sitting at the bar discussing potential sites for our next shoot. Tommy overheard what we were discussing, introduced himself to us and wondered if he could shoot for us. As fate would have it this hot, young man was just ripe for wanting to get naked and jerk off for the cameras. Unfortunately we did not have a location so Tommy asked around and got permission to use someone’s condo. As you might hear in the video there was a little problem from a transmitter which affected both cameras; but, that was not detected until it was time for editing. Tommy stripped down very quickly. His body is smooth and lean with just the first hints of a six-pack. It seems he enjoys being naked in front of the camera. His cock was rock hard the moment he was out of his clothes and he immediately started jerking it. He works his own magic in the chair, on the floor and bent over with his ass in the air. His balls go tight; his whole body tightened and the jizz starts flowing out of his cock, down the side and coats the whole of his hand. A truly satisfied smile crosses his face.