Tommy Sparks

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29-year-old Tommy Sparks joins us from Northern Ireland. He loves to read, work out, work as a personal trainer and because of this, he has one hot body. At the end of the interview we also learn that this is Tommy’s very first time in front of the camera; naked, with his dick in his hand. He pulls off his shirt revealing a furry, tight chest and abs with a piercing thru one of his nipples. He removes his jean shorts and starts massaging his hard cock which is still confined to his underwear. When he does take off his underwear his thick, uncut dick is standing straight up and his balls are hanging low. As Tommy begins pleasuring himself he turns around and bends over on the sofa with his ass pointed to the camera. He continues jacking his cock while the other hand starts working his tight, muscular hole. Tommy lays back on the sofa, spreads his legs and begins finger-fucking himself as he jerks his dick even faster. His breathing deepens, his balls disappear and Tommy’s cock starts squirting thick loads of jizz as his body jerks with pleasure.